Friday, June 1, 2012

Juno Uno (I made that up)

"If you gonna be a square, 
you ain't going anywhere!"

Click here to get in the mood with one of my all time favorite Italianos: 
Dino Paul Crocetti. 

Now that you're in the mood, how about some fine vino?
Wine is soooo devine! 
AND June is Italy month at D'Vine!! 

 2nd Annual "Italian, Family Style Wine Dinner" at D'Vine

Ballantyne Village: Thursday June 7
 "2nd Annual Italian, Family Style Wine Dinner" featuring wines from Italy. 

Ashli Cohen (no relation!)  of Vino Vino is serving wines paired with special menu selections such as Truffle Risotto with braised chicken and gnocchi with roast pork ragout from Chef Ashley.  I can't make gnocchi, can you? That's reason enough to go! Plus 1/2 off listed wines, wines that you've tasted first hand and already know whether you like them or not.

Reception Bubbly plus Five Courses, $49.99/person. Molto bello!

Click here for more info or call 704.369.5050 for reservations; they fill up fast!

Check out the calendar for D'Vine Wine Cafe Fridays and Saturdays-free wine tastings in early summer nights.  This is Ballantyne's only wine retail store and features al fresco light dining and wining. 


I told you recently about my new fav restaurant in South Park, have you gone to COWFISH yet? Go in June and use this coupon for a great sushi burger. You won't regret it!
Click here for $5.00 off a $30.00 purchase. You're welcome!


71 year old, Robert Allen Zimmerman was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom at the White House May 31, 2012. Click here to find out who it is!
President Obama announced at the civilian award ceremony, "What sets these men and women apart is the
 incredible impact they have had on so many people - not in short, blinding bursts, but steadily, over the course of a  lifetime."

This man has had more impact on my life growing

 up in the 60's then anyone else. How 'bout you?

A college drop out, he became a New York Village resident and performer in clubs like Gerde's Folk City. Sticking to his strong beliefs in American liberties, he walked off the Ed Sullivan show before he was set to perform when he was asked to change songs.
Never having sung a number one hit song, he wrote scores of popular folk and rock tunes that we all know the words by heart and that are still sung a half a century later.  A New York resident of Woodstock, he still tours on what his fans call, the never ending tour, last year performing with Mark Knopfler in England.

2012 UPDATE:  The Chimes of Freedom, a 4 CD collection crosses all genres of music from rap to rock, folk to jazz. Musicians such as Patti Smith,
Miley Cyrus and the Avett Brothers (North Carolina boys!) honor the 50th anniversary of Amnesty International by singing B.D.'s compositions, many addressing the appeal for human rights. All proceeds go to Amnesty International. I just ordered my copy!




Slate Interiors in Plaza MIdwood section of Charlotte

 is featuring it's monthly ART reception with featured

 artist: Sharon Hockfield. 

Time: 5-8pm

Address:  1401 Central Ave.      

Call if you need info    704-930-789

Read more here:

Co-founder and owner Debbie Harnett explained on 

my recent visit there that  Slate Interiors houses more 

than 50 merchants, designers, and artists with 

affordable items for home or office.  Each booth is a 

complete room setting that you can just pack up and 

take home. I filmed Debbie in Slate Interiors giving us 

a very brief tour! Click the arrow button to start up the 


video by Karen Cohen 2012

BTW (by the way), if you haven't visited the 

                          Plaza Midwood 

section of Charlotte yet, GO! It is funky and fun, good 

eats line Central Avenue and the vibe is relaxed 

indulgence of the senses. Best part, it's all walkable, 

park the car and stroll. Click here for video


WINNER for 2012 Charlotte Magazine's BEST 

Farmers Market is the place I go every Saturday 

morning-and now summer hours include Tuesday 

nights! Yeah. Matthews Farmers Market

Click here for info:

Everything here is HOME grown, meaning local. It's 

great to support our neighborhood food producers. 

Organic goodies, range free meats, cheeses, breads, 

plants, flowers, crafts and the freshest veggies you 

can buy are right here. Get there early! Some items 

are limited-remember this isn't massed produced! 

Open rain or shine please leave the doggies home but 

bring the family out for a morning of strolling and 


This Saturday: 7:30 am (yes, in the morning!)
 How to make delicious stuffed squash blossoms from Luca Annunziata, executive chef of Passion8 Bistro.

At 8:30 am:  Chef Joeseph Bonaparte of the International Culinary Schools of the Art Institutes cooks up seasonal market produce.


For lunch or breakfast, before or after the farmers' market, head over to local boys from New Yawk-
                   POPPY Seeds Bagels 
off Potter Road in the Stallings/Matthews area of N.C.
 Click here for info, hours and address.

IT IS WORTH the trip and you will feel like you are smack in lawng ilan! I swear! Joey, Tony, Milt and their kids are milling about, shouting out their orders like, "I'll take a dagwood, add some cappy on a Kaiser roll!" Pick up a copy of the Times, slurp your morning joe, enjoy some lox and cream cheese on authentic, I MEAN IT real bagels and listen to your mother tongue, (if you're a yankee, that is!) You lookin at me?

Do take a dozen home and wait a minute...what do I see in the that Taylor Ham, pork roll?                                    Oh, I am a kid again and loving it.

                                   Poppyseed's Bagels on Urbanspoon


Or should I ask: "WHAT is this?"

 As if carrying your cellphone in hand 24/7 isn't enough, now we have another gadget that we don't need but really can't live without. A smartwatch. Linked or synched with your bluetooth device, now you can WEAR your smart device! Isnt' that handy dandy!

Find out the time, check emails, take calls, tweet, update Facebook, play your saved music files, etc. etc. all on your wristwatch and why NOT, I ask you? Think of all the people who have their phones glued to their hands even when they sleep. You know there are stories of people who have texted in their sleep! (I am not kidding). But what a pain to always be clutching your lifeline when you can wear it, yes wear it, for just under $150.00! Such a bargain, I'm sure.
Sorry but I won't be buying this watch, I am holding out for the SMART SHOE (click to see it!) Later.


Karen Cohen said...

Hi Karen,
Your blog is great. Very charming.
Slate Interiors looks like a lot of fun and love how you handled Dylan, and best of all was Dean Martin’s crooooooon….

Terrific job.
Janet K Rodgers
New York City

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For me, a real New Yorker, the secret birth and life of heirloom tomatoes is valuable news. Although I now have to leave the city to search them out. Thankyou.
Great blog.